When Do You Need the Services of an Amazon FBA Freight Forwarder?

Every Amazon seller is conditioned to play by their strengths. Apart from lying within their comfort zones, they have to determine the biggest potential for success. But, as an Amazon seller, you should also ensure your items get to the Amazon warehouse. This is the reason they should be aware of the importance of working with a freight forwarder.

What Does a Freight Forwarding Company Do?

An Amazon FBA freight forwarding company will help transport your goods from a factory in the country of origin to an Amazon distribution center. As a seller, you will go through several processes such as complete your product search, find a manufacturer to make the product, and budget for the first inventory shipment. But, most importantly, your product should arrive at your customers’ doorsteps. Because of this, you must consider whether or not you can afford all shipping and holding costs, as well as handle customs clearance. Typically, Amazon FBA freight forwarders can organize storing and shipping logistics, prepare export documentation, negotiate freight charges, handle customs clearance, and others. Your forwarder serves as a shipping agent who handles your international shipping needs’ details.

Why Work with a Freight Forwarder?

ClearitUSA Amazon fba forwarders will bring your business special connections. A freight forwarder is an international industry expert who has different moving parts. They can make arrangements with other providers of transportation services to help you save money, especially on rates that tend to change regularly.

Your freight forwarder will handle all customs paperwork including tariff documents, customs clearance, shipping paperwork, and compliance classification. They will use their experience to simplify the processes involved in getting your shipment cleared at customs.

Things to Remember When Choosing a Freight Forwarder

Ensure you choose a freight forwarder with Amazon experience. Amazon keeps strict packaging, storing, and shipping guidelines that should be followed. Ask a forwarder how long they have been working with Amazon sellers and the marketplaces they have experience in. Also, ensure they can properly represent your goods’ country of origin and its destination country.

Additionally, you should ask the forwarder if they handle customs clearance and don’t work with those who don’t. The cost of customs clearance services depends on how many shipments you want to move per month, the terms agreed on the contract, and your relationship with a freight forwarder. Often, the company will require you to pay before delivery. But, if you have established a solid relationship with a freight forwarding company, it may offer you a better deal.