Why to Choose Direct Debit Services for Your Business

According to a research, any average business has a large amount of outstanding payments. This can greatly impact your cash flow, and simply means that you need to spend extra money, resource and time chasing payments, that takes away plans of growth and important value work.

For these reasons, most businesses are going in for automate payment options with direct debit. By using direct debit, money is pulled automatically from a customer’s bank account whenever the payment is due. This allows you to dependably make sure that you get paid on time. Direct debit even removes any admin associated with other types of payment ways. Thus making it hassle-free method to control all cash flow, and super-efficient as well.

Here are some great ways direct debit can amazingly benefit your business:

  • Avoid manual payment ways and take complete control

Processing various payments could be an admin heavy job. Bank transfers or cheque payments have to be cashed or standing orders need you to monitor closely your bank account in order to confirm you have got payment.

Debit and credit cards often promise a faster way to take payment but are costly and not too reliable. Cards being cancelled or have a habit to get expired and this mean extra effort chases up your customers to get new details.

But once you need to set up direct debit for your customer’s all future payments, they are taken automatically, directly from your bank account without you doing anything.

  • Direct debit can help to get paid on right time

By using direct debit method, the entire process of payment collection is automatically taken care of, so your clients would not miss to pay you. 

You will still be offered regular payments term, but if the due date is there, you are authorized to take the fees directly from their bank account. This means lesser disruption, no embarrassment, and no awkward chase-up emails for your customer if being requested for paying bill on time.

  • It is safe and secure for your clients

The guarantee offered by direct debit gives your customers full cover for doing payments taken fraudulently or in error, making direct debit one of the safest payment methods for consumers for use.

Once the customer’s direct debit mandate is properly set up, they would be automatically notified of future payments and billed automatically on due date. There would be no requirement to make payment on phone or re-enter details of bank, making it a great hassle-free experience for business owners. If you are looking for direct debit, just click on –

  • It is super-flexible for you as well as your clients

By using direct debit you could charge both variable and fixed amounts. This simply accommodates any modifications fees or added costs for ad-hoc or one-off projects. You could even change the frequency and date at which payments are taken.

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