What to consider while hiring a landscaping service company?

Most property owners are already aware of the benefits of hiring a landscaping company. In the hurry of renovating a property, we often forget to check critical details like landscaping, patio design, walkways, planting, wall and concrete block transformation, etc… Clogged gutter and drainage system is not only bad for your property, but also bad for your family’s health.

Ibex Landscaping makes one of the ideal choices for those confused from where to begin. Such professionals offer thorough solutions in landscaping and take care of both, residential as well as commercial properties.

Factors to consider while hiring a landscaping company:

  1. Look for the right credentials:

Your property is your base and means everything to your family. Thus, you mustn’t compromise on the hiring process of a landscape company. Ensure you check their credentials and whether they ethically have the license as well as permit to perform the several services.

  1. Perform a background check:

A background check makes you more confident on the hiring process of the company. Ask people around if they are aware of the landscaping company. Visit them randomly to confirm their permanent office address. Check the reviews and ratings of the company online.

  1. Ask for the proof of insurance:

Ask the company for proof of insurance. A genuine landscape professional/contractor is insured for their services and staff. Thus, any accidental damages to the property or any injury to the person is considered as the liability of the company and they compensate for the same.

  1. Prepare a contract:

Avoid making a mistake of paying advance to a contractor without hiring them. A contract must have all the mutually discussed conversation between the parties. It must also include critical details such as the deadline, services includes, quote, etc…

  1. Warranty on the work:

For how long does the contractor give warranty on their work? For instance, a landscaper must offer some warranty on the time period the plants will remain alive on giving proper care. Another example is the warranty on the irrigation system constructed by the landscaper. Do confirm any other warranty or guarantee by the contractor on the work completed by them.


Hiring a landscaper is beneficial in many ways. To enjoy a smooth transaction, you must confirm all the details and clarify all doubts before hiring them on a contract. Ibex Landscaping is one of the professional companies to compare with.