What To Consider When Planning To Redesign A Logo?

Every entrepreneur knows how significant a logo is. It is the first image your clients will see before they even try or experience your products or services. Therefore, designing a logo that can provide a positive impression among your customers is necessary to attract and engage them successfully. 

However, no matter how unique and unforgettable your logo is, there will come a time when it will lose its cutting-edge look; or stray away from the current personality of your business. That is why some companies do a logo redesign to update and align the design to its current state. 

So, here are some of the things you must consider when planning to redesign your brand icon.

It Will Not Be Easy or Cheap

Prepare a budget as well as a timetable. How much, however, is determined by the size of your company and the amount of time and money you can afford to put into brand management. A small firm might expect costs in the thousands of dollars and a schedule of no more than a few weeks.

Also, keep in mind that the implementation process can be significantly more expensive than simply changing a logo because the change would affect so many stakeholders and touchpoints. 

Keep it Simple

Iconic logos such as Apple, Nike, and McDonald’s continue to appeal because they represent the brand’s core with as few features as possible. Make sure your logo is basic, not just because you want it to be memorable but also because it needs to be easily replicatedin multiple sizes and mediums.

You Do Not Want to Do This Again in a Few Years

Consider the concept of timelessness. You want a logo that will be relevant in years and decades to come. Forget about today’s fads and trends, and instead, focus on a look and feel that people will respond to positively in years, if not decades, from now. You will also not be accused of attempting to ride the coattails of a fad for short-term gain.

Your Chance to Differentiate From the Competition

Examine your competitors’ logos, and then think out ways to stand out by going against what they are doing. Consider the aspects that make successful logos appealing in your business – curved lines, for example – and incorporate them into your style so that your logo makes sense when viewed alongside others while striking out on its own.

Do not Change Everything at Once

The worse logo redesigns attempt to change everything: the color scheme, typography, graphics, and the like. Avoid this unless your scenario necessitates a total makeover. Instead, try refreshing a few pieces and see how they go during the feedback step. Then, if you want, you can tweak and try to adjust a few more things.

To make your logo redesigning successful and perfect, consider looking for creative agencies in Atlanta to achieve an impactful brand icon. 

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