What Is Workers’ Compensation Law?

Workers’ compensation refers to financial compensation and medical care for workers who get injured because of their jobs. The workers’ employers pay for the compensation, but the insurance does not ask the workers to contribute. The medical and cash benefits vary from one state to another.

Workers’ compensation insurance also provides death benefits to the employees’ families who get killed on their job. Lawyers at Scottsdale are trained to understand your case and help you with your claim. Read on to learn more about workers compensation lawyer in Scottsdale.

What is workers’ compensation law?

The employers’ insurance companies pay the employees cash and medical benefits weekly on the instruction of the Workers’ Compensation Board. It is a state agency that processes these claims. The agency will determine if the insurer will compensate for financial loss and medical expenses if board intervention is necessary.

In these cases, there’s no one party considered to be at fault. The amount an employee receives does not get decreased by their fault or increased by their employer’s fault. However, an employee will lose the benefit of workers’ compensation if their injury is found to be the result of intoxication or the intention of harming themselves or others.

Compensation is only provided if the employer or insurance company agrees the injury resulted from the job. If any of them disputes the claim, compensation is provided once a judge decides which party is right. If a dispute against a worker’s claim results in them not receiving workers’ compensation benefits, they can still get disability benefits. However, any payments that the worker receives from disability benefits will be cut from future workers’ compensation benefits.

If you return to work but cannot work with full potential because of injuries restricting you from earning the same amount as before, you may apply for a benefit that can make up two-thirds of it. You are also allowed to go back to work before fully healing in alternate or light duties.


Workers’ compensation law is vital for injured workers because this is the only way for them to receive help and compensation for their suffering and loss, as most employers have workers’ compensation insurance, which helps them avoid getting sued by their employees.

Arizona compensation laws allow injured workers to file claims and receive medical and financial benefits to help their situation.

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