What Does It Mean to Be Given A Challenge Coin?

You might have come across a collection of challenge coins if someone you know has been a part of military. Challenge coins undoubtedly serve as beautiful souvenirs but what does it mean to be presented with a challenge coin?

Challenge coins are highly regarded and are designed uniquely to represent a particular occasion or organization. They create recognition amongst a team and are an honour to the receivers. They instil a sense of pride in the recipients and are an informal token of appreciation in lieu of medals or ribbons. 

How to receive a challenge coin? 

Challenge coins aren’t just given away, they have to be earned. Only a deserving official receives them. In the past, the challenge coins were secretly passed on to deserving candidates through a handshake. Only when someone has made a significant contribution to their services like displayed heroism, achieved something and so on is he liable to receive a challenge coin. Hence, receiving a challenge coin is a highly fulfilling experience, and it creates a unique bond with those who have also received the same coin. 

What is the challenge? 

The challenges put forth differ from one department to the next but usually most challenges are associated with drinking. For instance, one member; who is the challenger suddenly proclaims coin check or audibly places it on the nearest surface. All the other comrades are expected to produce their coins instantaneously and the last one to do so; gets everyone a round of drinks. The original purpose of this was to identify an imposter in the group i.e., if one fails to produce the coin, he can be identified as an outsider and can be dealt with. 

Customizing coins

Since challenge coins serve as a symbol of identification with their own elite group, no two departments have the same coins. The coins are customized such that they best reflect their team. Responders Pro military coins are furnished by a skilled team which has many years of expertise and work very hard to bring your vision to reality. 

Receiving a military coin is a moment of dignity and glory. Not only does it acknowledge your exceptional work but also depicts that you are now a part of troop which is not easy to enter. The coins create a distinct state of unity amongst receivers; a unity that cannot be broken.