Unveiling the Potential of Glass Reinforced Plastic with Harviglass Fibre

In the composite materials arena, Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) stands out for its remarkable versatility and strength. Harviglass Fibre, a pioneer in the field, has harnessed the potential of GRP to deliver innovative solutions across diverse industries. This blog explores how Harviglass Fibre crafts excellence with Glass Reinforced Plastic, transforming ideas into tangible, high-quality products.

Glass Reinforced Plastic: The Harviglass Fibre Legacy

For nearly fifty years, Harviglass Fibre has been synonymous with quality and innovation in the Glass Reinforced Plastic industry. From their base in Hyde, Cheshire, they’ve catered to a spectrum of industries, championing the use of GRP with their unmatched expertise.

Retail Excellence with Glass Reinforced Plastic

In the dynamic world of retail, Harviglass Fibre’s bespoke GRP solutions stand out. They’ve crafted everything from captivating display systems to sleek counters, showcasing the adaptability of Glass Reinforced Plastic in creating both functional and visually appealing retail spaces.

Architectural Innovations with Glass Reinforced Plastic

Harviglass Fibre has redefined architectural possibilities with Glass Reinforced Plastic. Their GRP creations mimic traditional materials with added benefits of lightness and durability, evidenced by their stunning domes and intricate mouldings that adorn various structures.

Industrial Solutions with Glass Reinforced Plastic

In the realm of industrial applications, Harviglass Fibre has demonstrated the superiority of Glass Reinforced Plastic. Their custom GRP mouldings serve industries from energy to waste management, providing durable and cost-effective alternatives to conventional materials.

Glass Reinforced Plastic in Set Design

Harviglass Fibre brings fictional worlds to life with Glass Reinforced Plastic. Their work in television, including the realistic sets of Coronation Street, showcases the material’s quality and the brand’s capacity to meet the demanding standards of the entertainment industry.

Glass Reinforced Plastic for Mental Health Care Environments

In the sensitive domain of mental health, Harviglass Fibre’s GRP furniture provides a safe, secure, and welcoming environment. Their Glass Reinforced Plastic beds and cabinets combine safety features with a homely aesthetic, reflecting a deep understanding of the requirements of mental health care facilities.

Signage Reinvented with Glass Reinforced Plastic

Tatton Park’s signage project is a testament to Harviglass Fibre’s ability to deliver large-scale Glass Reinforced Plastic solutions. These signs are not just informative; they are enduring icons, thanks to the resilience and versatility of GRP.

The Future of Tiling with Glass Reinforced Plastic

Harviglass Fibre is at the forefront of tiling innovation with their GRP tiles. These tiles represent the cutting edge of Glass Reinforced Plastic technology, offering unprecedented ease of installation and long-lasting beauty.

Glass Reinforced Plastic: Revolutionising Heat Transfer Applications

Harviglass Fibre’s bespoke GRP headers for heat exchangers showcase the brand’s niche expertise. Glass Reinforced Plastic emerges as the material of choice, blending seamlessly into advanced systems where traditional materials fall short.

Harviglass Fibre continues to push the boundaries of what’s possible with Glass Reinforced Plastic. Their journey reflects a relentless pursuit of excellence, with GRP at the core of their innovative spirit.


The story of Harviglass Fibre is a narrative of innovation and adaptability, with Glass Reinforced Plastic as the central character. Through their diverse range of GRP solutions, they’ve made an indelible mark across various sectors, proving that the future is indeed reinforced with glass.

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