The Importance Of Mobile Communication Archiving For Businesses

The advent of technology brought mobile instant messaging (IM) apps available in the market. The business sector even benefits from these instant hit applications’ chat, voice call, or video call options. Business executives and leaders integrate IM technology for their brand to improve communication with employees and customers.

WhatsApp, Telegram, WeChat, and other IM apps allow businesses to handle on-site and offshore workforces simultaneously. IM tech is also cost-effective as companies do the following without paying costly international call tariffs:

  • Work with clients abroad
  • Recruit and hire new staff from foreign countries
  • Sell and promote brand internationally

As IM applications grow in demand at present, the need to monitor txt messages becomes a necessity for businesses as concerns about cybersecurity, and regulatory compliance requirements arise in recent years. Thus, integrating mobile archiving solutions, like Verizon text recording, are as important as gaining access to IM tech.

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Careless use of employees

Organizations may get involved in data breach and online crimes without them noticing. Employees tend to blur the line between work and personal life through careless and impulsive mobile devices usage. Managing the entry and exit of information is difficult as lots of tasks need work also.

Archiving texts, calls, chats, and other forms of electronic communication helps companies track the transactions made by their on-site and offshore workforces. In that way, businesses prevent the leakage of sensitive or confidential info and permit their HR managers to intervene and punish employees proven guilty of unjust actions to coworkers and potential customers.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory commissions FINRA and SEC in the United States require member businesses to capture and archive every e-communication transaction for potential review to comply with policies implemented. Failure to comply results in fees and fines that can hurt the company financially and, at worst, affect your reputation.

Compliance with regulatory requirements also occurs outside the US as organizations under the supervision of European firms GDPR and MiFID II need to retain and store texts, chats, and other client communication info as penalties for those that will fail to follow.

Access historical data

Archiving mobile content benefits your IT staff and saves your wallet from going empty. Accessing older content gets easier and less stressful as employees can retrieve it without cluttering their devices’ storage. It also lowers the price of simultaneous upgrades, backup, and database tuning.

Litigation ready

When false claims of data breach and other cybersecurity issues come in your way, the court lets a business disclose and present copies of archived text messages and other forms of e-communication in legal proceedings, as written in the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.

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