Spitako delivers with distributed warehousing

Entrepreneurs can cross off a major concern about how best to get their products to consumers in a highly-competitive business environment. Speed, accuracy and savings, the drivers for many business owners, are guaranteed when they sign up to let Spitako handle their order fulfillment demands.

Distribution warehousing

Distributed warehousing is a concept that has catapulted the order fulfillment industry to another level, solving a lot of the concerns. The idea is to distribute inventory that e-commerce retailers want to sell to consumers at facilities located strategically across the country. Once a customer places an order, the product is shipped from the warehouse center closest to the customer’s address.

This eliminates many challenges for businesses who are jockeying for space in the marketplace. Distributed warehousing reduces shipping time, costs and cuts down on errors.

“Coupled with our own fast internal processing time, means your customers get their orders in an incredibly short amount of time and quicker,” Spitako states on its website at

Hundreds of warehouses

The number of distributed warehouses differ among order fulfillment companies. Some have only a few facilities, others are in the testing.

Spitako has hundreds of distribution warehouses across the country.

“This puts your products in the prime location for delivery to just about any location in the country,” the company says on its website. “The number and location of these facilities means we are able to guarantee the fastest possible delivery.”

Deliverr’s website says the order fulfillment company is “piloting a program to bring its proprietary technology, processes and business to new operators to launch fulfillment centers across the country.”

That move, the company says, will build its warehouse network for improved service to its merchants and get items closer to buyers.

And Fulfillify, which provides e-commerce fulfillment, offers nationwide coverage with 4 fulfillment centers. Simpl Fulfillment says it integrates with “several warehouses” to help business clients store, pick and pack orders.

The nearest warehouse wins

At Spitako, when a customer places an order, the software technology at the company identifies the nearest warehouse to the delivery address. The order is assigned to that location, processed and quickly shipped.

But a lot of work is done before a product goes out the door. Each product a business client sends to a warehouse goes through a detailed process before they are sold.

When the distributed warehouse owners receive the deliveries, each item is inspected for any issues or damage and photographed. The business client is notified on any issues they find.

Organized facilities

The warehouses are clean and organized with plenty of storage space. There are no bulky machinery and conveyor belts taking up space and this eliminates the chances of items getting damaged.

“Each item is handled by our capable staff and given that personal attention we are so proud of,” the company says.

A watchful eye

There is also constant vigilance of products at the distributed warehouses. In addition to staff at, the Spitako’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) also oversees inventory management. It identifies low stock levels and recommends refilling inventory for popular products.

The software also oversees processes, calculates sales projections, tracks orders and incoming deliveries. It generates reports, making the warehouse operation efficient and cost effective for business clients.