Is Renting Moving Bins Better than Buying Cardboard Boxes – Find Out the Truth!

Shifting buildings (no matter you’re shifting from an old house to a new house or an old office to a new office) is a very hectic process when you’re left in charge of packing all your belongings. It’s hard in a lot of ways: you have to buy cardboard boxes, tapes, fasteners, and markers. You have to do the labeling to remember which box contains which items. You have to seal each box manually without the guarantee that the seal won’t come off during road transit.

Clearly, packing isn’t as fun as people think it is. One small glitch and all your hard work, plus your belongings, will go down crashing. Keeping all these issues in mind, a few companies such as GoBac in Canada came up with the idea of renting out moving bins and accessories. It might sound odd at first hand how renting moving bins can solve any of the problems mentioned above. However, if you dig a bit deeper with us in this guide, you’ll find out all the answers.

Cardboard Boxes or Plastic Moving Bins – Why Does it Even Matter Which Option You Choose?

Boxes are boxes, there’s no difference – says who? It makes all the difference in the world whether you choose cardboard boxes or GoBac moving bins. Here’s why:

  1. Buying cardboard boxes is doubly expensive than renting GoBac moving bins.
  2. GoBac bins are doubly stronger and much more spacious than cardboard boxes.
  3. The company handles delivering the boxes at your place and picking them up from your new place once you’ve settled down. So, it’s not your headache to dispose of the boxes after you’ve settled in the new place.
  4. GoBac boxes are premium-quality strong plastic boxes with a secure locking and latching mechanism. So, when you pack your belongings in these boxes, they’re safely latched, unlike cardboard boxes where you need to use tape to seal the box.
  5. Renting is any day cheaper than buying. Besides, GoBac sanitizes and cleans every single box before delivering them to their clients. So, hygiene isn’t an issue either.

That said, the accessories like GoBac labels will help you to mark which box contains which items very easily. Some other accessories that will really make packing easier and extremely safe are as follows:

  1. Computer carts and shelf library carts.
  2. Commercial wooden bins.
  3. Padded covers for computer screens.
  4. Partition trolley.
  5. Fasteners and Moving carts with wheels.

You can rent any of the boxes and accessories by GoBac even if you’re a moving company. So, no matter who you are, ask for a quote from the experts at Cartons Déménagement GoBac to make a booking today.