How do you get customs clearance easily? 

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do all the tasks ourselves? From freight forwarding to customs clearance – you can’t do it on your own. Nothing’s easy in this world unless you hand over the job to a professional. 

Having any of the merchandise delivered to the right destination at the right time is very important for any import business. If it goes haywire, your business will suffer. 

When the goods arrive in a country, it needs customs clearance. What if the shipment gets stuck? Since we are solution-focused, we only want to tell you about the solutions. Let’s get started with this article! It has all the answers you need. 

Understanding Customs Clearance 

Before you get too confused, you need to understand what customs clearance is. In order to import goods to a country, you need clearance. 

It’s a process wherein several parties provide the required documentation to ensure that a shipment can be cleared. Once the documents are ready and the entry is filed successfully, all of it will be summed up to a form. In the case of the USA, it will be a 7501 form. There’s a payment of duties and taxes after which the goods get cleared. 

In the case of food and drugs, special permits are required from national agencies. This may sound easy, but customs clearance isn’t a joke. Sometimes the goods will get clearance, but there are times when it gets stuck. Importers will suffer a lot when the latter happens. 

The Customs Clearance Procedure: EXPLAINED 

The Customs Clearance procedure has three steps: 

  1. You need a commercial invoice. The clearance offers will confirm that it’s correct. It should have the shipper and its receiver’s information like name and contact. 
  2. Taxes and fees are involved. Payments are made once the shipment gets cleared by the broker or the customer. The total cost could be expensive if there is a broker involved, storage, a late or delayed payment, and so on. 
  3. Once all the dues are paid, the customs will release the shipment. 

Even if one document is missing, your shipment can get stuck. That’s precisely why you need a customs broker. Clearit FBA Freight Forwarding is reliable, but the company also provides customs broker services. 

As an importer, you need their services because once the shipment gets stuck, your business will suffer. 

Clearit’s industry-leading software makes customs clearance an easy process. It will take a few minutes to clear customs!