Five Factors to Consider When Renting a Self-Storage Unit

If you have to store some items in a self-storage unit, pick one that offers maximum protection to your possessions against damage and theft. Storage facilities vary in the way they keep up with units. Thus, you must check the facility first before you rent a storage unit. When picking storage units rupert Idaho, consider the following factors:


Before you start the rental process, determine the unit size you need. Established facilities provide various storage unit sizes and kinds to suit your needs. As you decide on the unit size, think about the number of items you want to store, the kind of item, your budget, and your access needs. 


Can you get to the storage unit if you have to get your stuff? A dependable self-storage facility has a system in place that lets unit owners access their possessions easily. It should have a manager or representative during operation hours to give you access to your unit every time you need your things. If you are storing big items such as heavy equipment, boats, or RVs, ensure a truck can easily access the facility if it has to haul your items. 


Cleanliness is vital to keeping your items safe. Without proper facility upkeep, water damage, pest-related damage, and mold can occur and damage your items. Water damage indicates leaks or other issues. When you inspect a facility, check also for mold and pests. Ideally, you should pick a climate-controlled self-storage facility that has tightly sealed units. Climate control is particularly important if you want to store items like documents, electronics, or delicate furniture. It keeps temperature and humidity levels stable, protecting your items from extreme cold, heat, and humidity.

Security and Surveillance

Choose a facility with sufficient security measures like surveillance cameras, well-lit areas, fences, and access control. You want to be sure that your things are safe. Also, consider the safety of your items when during a fire. Ensure the facility has fire extinguishers, detectors, sprinklers, and fire alarms.

In addition, ensure the storage units are air-conditioned. Pet control measures must be in place and the floor level must be high enough not to come into contact with flowing water. 

Insurance Liability

Although storage facilities take steps to keep your belongings safe, you must understand their insurance liability coverage. Ask about insurance options that a facility offers or think about getting extra coverage to protect your precious items when theft, natural disasters, or fire happen.