Cantilever racking is the best for long and bulky goods

As more and more people are buying their requirements through e-commerce due to better prices and quicker deliveries, there is huge pressure on sellers to provide early deliveries to sustain in the market. This trend has resulted in demand and growth of huge and smart warehouses all around, such that products can be easily discovered, and then shipped to their rightful destinations.

Smart warehouses are much different from the warehouses that you have come across all your life. They are designed and made in such a manner that all products that are stored can be easily accessed, and thereafter shipped to their logical destinations.

Different types of racking systems are used to house different products. While Pallet racking may be used to store small products, the cantilever racking system is the most popular and successful system for long and bulky products.

Why is the cantilever racking system best for long products?

The Cantilever racking system is a modern method of storing long and bulky products with ease that required huge space and lots of difficulty in management. There are several benefits of using a cantilever racking system. Some of the most important are discussed below:

Easy to install:

The cantilever racking system uses two side arms and an I beam resting over the arms with almost no shelves, allowing it to have no external bracing, therefore giving it the advantage of easy installation and un-installation, saving huge costs of labor and material.

Durable and long-lasting:

All cantilever racking system is made using highly durable raw materials. Also, the entire racking system is powder coated so that there is minimum wear and tear. These racks can be constructed in a light, medium and heavy sections, depending upon your requirement.

Best usage of available space:

Since the cantilever racking system can store goods in the vertical direction, it can use the available space in the best possible manner to store long and bulky goods. While long and lighter goods can be handled manually, heavy goods like steel products, timers, and pipes may require the use of forklifts and trucks to maneuver.

Increased safety:

Since cantilever racks allow you to free floor space, there are fewer chances of material tripping from the rack and injuring people working in the warehouse. Also, since maneuvering heavy-weight materials require forklifts, they are much more comfortable and safer than any other racking system.

Easy visibility of products:

Warehouses store thousands of products in different categories. In order to successfully deliver different products in a very short period of time, it is important for all types of products to be easily visible and discoverable.

Since the installation of cantilever racking is done freeing up the floor space, all products are easily visible from a distance.

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