All You Need To Acknowledge About the Maid Insurance and Travel Insurance in Singapore

Not everyone thinks of having domestic helper insurance or maid insurance. However, it is important to have maid insurance in case any tragedy happens with your maid. You can also buy maid insurance online Singapore. Domestic helper insurance delivers health and other insurance privileges to your helper. The Ministry of Manpower requires all employers to purchase medical and personal accident insurance to reimburse their helpers for any tragedy during employment. In expansion, the medical insurance information will require to be delivered online for the renewal of the work authorisation.

KEY FEATURES – the maid insurance or the domestic helper insurance dividend is paid at the beginning of the policy time, and you can choose a coverage time of fourteen months or 26 months. The essential benefits of domestic helper insurance are hospitalisation coverage and personal, as expected by the constitution. 

A few additional or extra benefits involve:

  • Outpatient and dental help
  • Alternative domestic help advantage
  • Wage and levy compensation
  • Termination and repatriation expenses
  • Liability to third party and employer’s liability
  • Insurance guarantee bond

There are a few fundamental MOM requirements for all domestic helper insurance – from October 1, 2017, a minimum sum of $60,000 is imposed for personal accident insurance and medical coverage of approximately $15,000 per year. All these insurance schemes sold by insurers come with a $5,000 letter of assurance. All schemes illustrated meet the fundamental MOM necessities for maid insurance. MOM needs all insurance to have an extra two months of cover so that in any incident or explanation that the maid overstays in Singapore after the work consent had ended, she will still be wrapped under the insurance.

A guide to buying travel insurance in Singapore

When looking for the best guide to buying travel insurance in Singapore, rest assured that you would be spoilt for options near you. A decent travel insurance policy encircles you for a whole sequel of circumstances, from the small inconvenience to the most terrible. No one would ever want to be stuck in a situation, minor or major. It could be something as nominal as having your baggage delayed one night, so you either have to spend a night in the same apparel that you spent the whole flight on. On the other hand, it can be a major situation where you may be stung by a poisonous jellyfish in the middle of an island. Nowadays, all travel insurance in Singapore has become mandatory and includes COVID-19 coverage. This means you can easily get the claim for your travel insurance if you get COVID positive while traveling.

The best travel insurance with COVID-19 coverage Singapore is thus what provides you with the most value for money, for instance, if you are touring Bangkok for a weekend shopping outing, you are possibly touring light, and you’ll not need more than $3000 coverage for loss of luggage. Now, the right time to buy your policy will be as soon as you arrange your trip, and can even fill out forms online these days. There is no loss for buying travel insurance beforehand, except maybe missing advancements that you often get during the travel season. 

To Sum It Up 

Your best bet would be to look for suitable maid insurance plans to meet your specific needs and budget. It would be a boon for you to understand the best available insurance coverage that does not burn a significant hole in your pocket while offering a plethora of services. Your best bet would the insurance coverage that does not compromise on the services offered. Consider opting for all kinds of insurance policies to live a stress-free life.