5 things to remember before importing your dream car to Canada

Driving around in the car you always wanted to own is a dream come true moment. Not all are lucky enough to get that moment. But if you are lucky enough to buy/get such valued possession, then you ought to own it. Sometimes the only hindrance to getting closer to your dream car would be the Customs clearance.

Getting delayed at the import clearance is a major issue faced by many importers who want to import goods from abroad. If you are someone with plans to import regularly, then the clearance issue at the border will eat your head up, eventually. Importing a car is also equally tiring as the import of regular goods is. The only difference is the document submission dates and formats.

If you wish to import a car to Canada for sales purposes, the procedures remain the same as you are importing for personal use. Documents like ITN numbers are really important for importing any goods. With the help of import firms like clearit, the Canada ITN number can be easily registered. Without the ITN number, the AES system wouldn’t respond to the import of goods. AES stands for Automated Exports System.

Import brokers can help you through the process of getting an ITN number in 12 hours. Business people who are not residents of Canada can now make use of the NRI(Non-resident Importer) program to import cars into Canada for sales. For this, all you need to do is register with a domestic import broker firm and become a member of the program.

The major advantage of being an NRI car trader is that you can get access to a bigger market like Canada in a level playing field with the domestic traders. Import car brokers can help you to exploit the full potential of the Canadian automobile market without burning your hands on taxes and duties levied on regular foreign exporters.

The car import brokers can help a normal car importer to ease up the stress of importing a car from the USA or other countries.

The car brokers will take care of all the requirements of importing a car. The cost of the consultation of these car import brokers is surprisingly cheap when compared to the quality and range of services they provide. So do not hesitate to hire an import car broker when it comes to importing your dream car into your life.