2022 HR Trends You Need to Know

In 2020, a virus of unknown origin started spreading across the globe. Later on, it was found that the virus is a strain from the coronavirus family and was then called the Novel Coronavirus or COVID-19. The virus is highly contagious, which was evident with the abrupt rise in the number of cases. This has resulted in countries closing their borders and mandating restrictions on various industries. These restrictions include staying at home, which significantly affected every country’s economy. 

In response to the changing times, many industries had to adapt a work from home setup. The fast transition left little to no room for businesses to adjust quickly, which resulted in several companies closing their doors entirely. Fortunately for others, the change has allowed them to see the faults in the system and develop a new and strategic way to keep their business afloat. 

Luckily, 2021 has been the year of improvement as the cases of COVID-19 are slowly stabilizing. Some businesses have also started operating once more. This is now the perfect time to improve their operations protocols. With that being said, here are some of the HR developments you need to know for 2022. 

Managing multigenerational workforces

Nowadays, workforces include people coming from different generations. Most companies today are comprised of employees from five generations–the silent generation, baby boomers, generation x, millennials, and generation z. This difference may seem so small, but most companies do not know that this age or generation gap can have a significant impact on their businesses.

The members of the current multi-generational workforce were born from different generations. Therefore, they are most likely to have differences in beliefs and work ethics. And these distinctions are certainly going to contradict one another. Letting this happen can result in conflicts, which is never helpful for any company.

The generation gap now poses a new challenge for the HR team on how they can manage a multi-generational workforce. 

Know the differences, manage differently

In relation to the generation gap, employees are most likely to have different beliefs as they come from different upbringings. Now, the question is, how can you know their differences, and how will you manage the divergence? 

One example is utilizing technology. Evidently, the younger generation would be more tech-savvy as they were born in the era where technology has been developed. How will you manage this difference without making it seem like the older generation are opposed to using technology?

When it comes to working habits, the older generation seemed to value the importance of a meaningful and interesting work environment rather than promotional opportunities and career advancements which the younger generation wants.

But remember, there might be stark differences in these generations, but they could also have overwhelming similarities. And this is what an HR team should focus on. Focusing on their similarities and finding ways to connect their differences can help develop your employees’ strengths and capabilities. 

Revamping employees’ perks and benefits

Giving employees perks and benefits is just one of the many ways to show appreciation and gratitude for the hard work of your subordinates. Several studies, such as those conducted by Perkbox in 2021, showed that work-life balance is the best reward employees want to receive. They want recognition for their hard work, especially in the work-from-home setup. 

Most employees, especially the younger generations, are more concerned about how their managers treat them. In particular, they crave two types of respect: being valued as a team member and being respected as a person who has a life outside of work. 

Benefits such as flexible hours, mental health days, free counseling sessions, and improved well-being are more favored by employees these days. Knowing all these could help you draw out your workers’ potential, more productivity, and have more positive outcomes.

Being a HR proficient is anything but a simple undertaking. On the top of managing many employees, it is also your responsibility to be the payroll officer. This is why it is important to continuously seek knowledge on how you can improve in your job, and knowing these trends are just one of those ways. 

But despite knowing these trends, the responsibilities of HR are not going to end with them. This is why it could also help if you hire manufacturing services like Entrust Payroll that can assist your HR team.

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